Daily Life Skills
in El Paso, TX

Give Your Child the Gift of Independence With Our Daily Living Activities in El Paso, TX

Our Daily Living Activities Will Help Your Child Grow

Does your child struggle with finding their place in the world and gaining their independence? If so, give them the confidence they need to be successful with help from OT FOR TOTS. We offer a special service called Activities of Daily Living Skills (ADL). This gives your child the tools they need to take care of themselves in all areas of their life.

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Helping Your Child Develop in All Areas of Life

We Provide Effective Daily Living Activities in El Paso, TX

While education is important, it’s only one part of your child’s development. Teaching them fundamental life skills is the key to setting them up for success. Here at our facility, they’ll learn self-help skills, like:

We’ll help shape your child to be a well-rounded and responsible person.

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