Occupational and Speech Therapy for Children with Autism
in El Paso, TX

Many children with Autism have trouble with social interactions and communication.

OT FOR TOTS offers Autism treatment in El Paso, TX that focuses on occupational Speech therapy.

OT FOR TOTS provides occupational therapy for children ages newborn to 20. Our therapists can assist your child with:

We will examine your child’s daily interactions to develop a treatment plan that will provide the most benefit. Contact OT FOR TOTS to learn more about our occupational therapy solutions for Autism in El Paso, TX.

We Help Children With Autism Develop Fine Motor Skills

Our team of skilled and knowledgeable therapists are able to help in development in the following areas:

We can work on your child’s sensory and motor skills by means of a variety of activities, including tactile exposure, obstacle courses, following commands and balance beams. We can also assist with daily tasks, such as using buttons, tying shoelaces and putting on a jacket. We focus on building on your child’s skillset. Call 915-921-6881 today to schedule an evaluation for Autism treatment in El Paso, TX.

Our Autism Certified Staff