Children are naturally active and easily become excited. ADHD in children manifests itself as frequent impulsive behavior that's outside the normal range. OT For Tots offers occupational therapy at our clinic in El Paso, TX. Our goal is to regulate your child's responses so they can be independent in all types of environments. Our therapists will:

Evaluate your child's ability to perform tasks

Recommend ways to help your child succeed

Modify their environment to increase focus

Occupational and speech therapy can help your child master day-to-day skills so they can remain engaged in school and at home. Contact OT For Tots to learn more about our ADHD treatment options in El Paso, TX.

Learn the symptoms of ADHD in children

Symptoms of ADHD include a short attention span, becoming easily distracted, fidgeting and restlessness. If your child is having trouble learning and completing daily tasks, seek a diagnosis from a caring professional. Our occupational and speech therapists will help your child grow towards a brighter future.

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